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The young girl (and the woman she becomes) is willing to deny her father’s limitations (and those of her lover or husband) as long as she feels loved. She is more able to do this because his distance means that she does not really know him. The relationship, then, because of the father’s distance and importance to her, occurs largely as fantasy and idealization, and lacks the grounded reality/ which a boy’s relation to his mother has.”

Nancy Chodorow, The Reproduction of Mothering

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“The male provides the ‘form’ and the ‘principle of the movement’, the female provides the body, in other words the material… If the male is the active partner, the one which originates the movement, and the female qua female is the passive one, surely what the female contributes to the semen of the male will not be semen but material.”

Aristotle, Generation of Animals, trans. By A. L. Peck (Loeb Classics, Harvard University Press, 1943), Bk. I, pp. 101, 103, 109, 113

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“For millions of girls around the world, motherhood comes too early. Those who bear children as adolescents suffer higher maternal mortality and morbidity rates, and their children are more likely to die in infancy.”

Esther Duflo is a French economist, Co-Founder and Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, and Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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“The life of the father has a mysterious prestige: the hours he spends at home, the room where he-works, the objects he has around him, his pursuits, his hobbies, have a scared character He supports the family, and he is the responsible head of the family. As a rule his work takes him outside, and so it is through him that the family communicates with the rest of the world: he incarnates that immense, difficult and marvelous world of adventure; he personifies transcendence,(…).”

Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

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“Work for black women has been an important and valued dimension of Afrocentric definitions of black motherhood.”

Patricia Hill Collins is currently a Distinguished University Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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“In the old, communistic household, which embraced numerous couples and their children, the administration of the household was just as much a public, socially necessary industry as the procurement of food. With the development of the modern individual family, the administration of the household lost its public character. It became a private service and the wife became the first domestic servant, pushed out of participation in social production.”

Friedrich Engels (1820-95), The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State (1884)

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“The idea that motherhood is inherently somehow a threat to creativity is just absurd.”

Zadie Smith is an English novelist and essayist. As of 2012, she has published four novels, all of which have received substantial critical praise

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“But she belongs to Nature, infinite current of Life flows through her: she appears, therefore, as the mediatrix between the individual and the cosmos. When the mother has become a figure of reassurance and holiness, man naturally turns to her in love. Lost in nature, he seeks to escape; but separated from her he wishes to go back…. To recognize that he is the son of his mother is to recognize his mother in himself, it is to become one with femininity in so far as femininity is connected with the earth, with life, and with the past.”

Simone de Beauvoir. The Second Sex. p.204

June 3,2015  |

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“Patriarchy is the power of the fathers: a familial-social, ideological, political system in which men – by force, direct pressure, or through ritual, tradition, law, and language, customs, etiquette, education, and the division of labor, determine what part women shall or shall not play, and in which the female is everywhere subsumed, under the male. . . . The power of the fathers had been difficult to, because it permeates everything, even the language in which we try to describe it. It is diffuse and concrete; symbolic and literal; universal, and expressed with local variations which obscure its universality. (…) I have access only to so much of privilege or influence as the patriarchy is willing to accede to me, and only for so long as I will pay the price for male approval.”

Adrienne Rich, Of Woman Born

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“I grew up with that completely fictive idea of motherhood, where the mother never strayed from the kitchen. All the women in my books are very afraid that if they do anything with their minds they won’t be complete women. I don’t think my daughters’ generation has that feeling.”

A. S. Byatt, or Dame Antonia Susan Duffy, an English novelist and Booker Prize winner. In 2008, The Times newspaper named her on its list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945

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