Errors from the Past

“The womb is subject to suffocation & moves from its place (…)” – Errors from the Past

“The womb is frequently subject to suffocation… It happens whenever the womb moves from its proper place. [It was believed in antiquity and down to the sixteenth century that the womb could move about in the body, lodge in the throat, and cause choking.] Then, as a result of a chill in the heart, women sometimes swoon, feel a weakness in the heart, or suffer dizziness… This illness befalls women when they are full of spoiled and poisonous menstrual blood. It would therefore be good for such women, whoever they be, whether young or old, to have frequent sexual intercourse so as to expel this matter.”

Albertus Magnus, De Secretis Mulierum, Lyons, 1615,  p. 163, 146-48.

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