Male and Female

Margaret Mead started her work in the 1920’s. Infant development and parental roles was a key component of Mead’s research. Mead’s field work over 24 trips to the South Pacific indicated that cultural environment was at least as strong an influence as biology on gender and parental roles in a given society.

This book is the 1949 comparative study of tribal men and women on seven Pacific islands and men and women in the late 1940s United States by the famed anthropologist Margaret Mead.

She viewed humans as a whole, and she thought that all facets of life were connected. She believed that all cultures could learn from each other, states the Intercultural Studies website. In her work “Male and Female and Growth and Culture” Mead laid out her ideas that personality differences between men and women are in large part due to how they were raised instead of biological tendencies.


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