The Impossibility of Motherhood: Feminism, Individualism and the Problem of Mothering

Patrice DiQuinzio in “The Impossibility of Mothering” asks questions like: Is liberated mothering possible? Does motherhood have to limit women’s options and divide their interests? She says no and believes we have to think a little differently if we want to start moving in the right direction. She believes we are stuck and have not envisioned a social change of the mother role yet.

The book considers how people like Simone de Beauvoir, Julia Kristeva, Nancy Choderow and Adrienne Rich struggle with this dilemma of difference in analyzing mothering, encompassing the paradoxes concerning gender and representation they represent and considering social change of the mother role.

Patrice Di Quinzio shows that mothering has been and will continue to be an intractable problem for feminist theory itself, and suggests the political usefulness of an explicitly paradoxical politics of mothering.

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