The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting

Gina Ford presents parents with her perspective to consider in the constant struggle that all parents experience in trying to achieve a balance that works for their individual families. Her ‘trademark’ is routine. This is her hour-by-hour, week-by-week guide. She is considered by many as Great Britain’s top parenting experts.

“I personally believe that the majority of babies thrive and are happier in a routine. But I certainly realize and respect that following a routine is not a choice for all parents. There is already so much advice out there for ‘baby-led parenting’; therefore the advice I give in my books is for those parents who believe that they and their baby will be happier in a routine.”

Despite the popularity of Gina Ford’s books, one of the most common criticisms levied against her is that she herself is not a mother. Such critics insists only mothers who have experienced it themselves can fully understand the emotional and behavioral effects of the hormonal changes that take place within a mother’s body. Also, working parents must themselves adapt to schedules imposed from without, and there are potentially severe consequences that result from a prolonged lack of sleep.


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